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updated sun 16 jul 06


DAYTON GRANT on sat 15 jul 06

I had my first pottery lessons at a small home studio, then I got membership in a small cooperative, then I got my own wheel, then another coop., and over the last fifteen years on and off, me and my pottery wheel have been working in and out of yards, laundry rooms, vans, a coop here, another one there, but Ive never really settled into a groove anywhere long enough to really complete, and formally show, a consistent body of work which I 'hope' would establish me as a professional ceramic artist, its because of the 'atmosphere' , some of these places are like signing on to the engineroom of a Pirate ship or something, its all dim and dank, the pockarked floor is wet, the kilntenter has an eyepatch, the pugmill guy has a hook for his right hand, and the lady with the wooden leg throws it at people when she gets drunk,and whatever ya do, watch yer mouth around that goddam parrot,hahahaha....just joking , but recently I was trying to work in my own pad, I have two roomates,
neither is an artist and one may be some kind of a demon, sooo, it wasnt working with the pottery stuff on the front porch, on the back porch, in the hallways , you get the picture, so I asked around and was reffered to Mother Earth ceramics by a woman who had just attended a workshop there,and she said they were really good, so I went to look at the studio there and it is defiinitely nice, it reminds me of the ceramic studio at the Manchester Crafstmans Guild in Penn.,its really a pro setup, beautifullly bright and open, well equipped, spacious ,and all the works in progress, and the things in the gallery look really good around there, Im going to seek membership there, and try to get a body of work together, pictures, an artists statement,all that formal stuff, and I dont see why it wouldnt work, the atmosphere is tops.Then maybe I can do some writing and participate in more stuff in the ceramic community at large.

Oh and I answered an ad for handyman work for a guy in a wheelchair , and I was running late so I rode over there full speed on my bike but I was still a little late ,and the guy was really not nice at all, he just raged on me for a couple minutes and then I realized that he just likes to rage out on people, hes pissed about something that I didnt even do to him, I was gonna help the guy for almost free, but I just split cause he kinda hurt my feelings , and as I rode my bike home I thought hey, I hope all those people on clayart dont think Im pissed at anybody cause I didnt 'go to college' or whatever, Im just joking around when I pretend to be 'indignant' and all that, I really enjoy reading alot of you guys ,and I will share more when I can