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surfing with helen bates - july 14, 2006 - usa, uk

updated sun 16 jul 06


Helen Bates on sat 15 jul 06

Surfing with Helen Bates - July 14, 2006 - USA, UK

Bob Briscoe (Harris, MN, USA)
Tom Wirt's gripe: "Bob Briscoe's work now (he went through the burnout
cycle 8 or 9 years ago) but has become a darling of the Minnesota clay
wannabees.. Don't know how...the works are boring, many just accidents
happening. Glazes even more boring....grays and brush, no
color flashes...nothing. And he picked off one of the McKnight $25,000
lifetime prizes this year."
Tch! ;)

While we're up in Minnesota, we might as well take in some shows...

Upper Saint Croix River Valley Potters, May 2006
(Northeast of Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN, USA)
(Host & Guest Potters: Will Swanson + Ellen Shankin, Silvie Granatelli,
Malcolm Davis; Jeff Oestreich + Rosie Murray, Renton Murray; Connee
Mayeron + Gail Kendall, Curtis Hoard, Mark Pharis, Liz Quackenbush, Amy
Sabrina; Richard Vincent + Bill Gossman, Winthrop Byers, Sandra Byers;
Robert Briscoe + Steven Hill, Mary Barringer, Suze Lindsay, Kent
McLaughlin, Jo Severson, Matthew Metz; Linda Christianson + Kirk Lyttle,
Scott Goldberg, Jil Franke, Guillermo Cuellar)

Minneapolis Uptown Art Fair (Minneapolis, MN, USA)
(Potters: 2006: Elisabeth Maurland, John Benn, Karin Kraemer, Dennis
Thompson, Michael Baxley, Rick Hintze, John Dennison, Michael Kahn, Nate
& Hallie Evans, Jason Trebs, Chris & Sue Holmquist, Chuck Solberg; 2005:
Robert Briscoe, Paul Eshelman, George Lowe, Jo Severson, Justin
Teilhet, Tony Winchester, Cathra-Anne Barker, Karen Bell, Daniel
Bennett, Julie Berndt, Mike Bose, Kimmy Cantrell)

Now fly over to Wales... if you've got your speakers on, there will be
some drumming in the intro page - just click the link to skip this.

ClayArt Potters Market (Denbigh, Wales, UK)
(Enter site and click on "click here to see images from ClayArt 2005"
then browse the images - no captions, but there is a nice shot of a
barefoot potter trimming a pot on a wet chuck using a Korean potter's
wheel.) (There is also a link to photos of work by most of this year's
entrants. Exhibitor list: Elizabeth Smith, Charles Bound, Angelika and
Gerd Panten, Liz Bowe, Francoise Dyfayard, Geoffrey Swindell, Margaret
Frith, David Frith, Liz Gale, Marc Adriaenssens, Tony Laverick, April
Young, Russell Coates, Hafod Hill Pottery, Karin Hessenburg, Richard
Wilson, John Mathieson, Libby Edmondson, Nigel Edmondson, Claudia Lis,
Chris Jenkins, Annie Peaker, Jennifer Hall, Isobella Dallas, Craig
Underhill, Delyth Jones, David Winkley, Helen Felcey, Ashraf and Sue
Hanna, Penny Simpson, Mike Eden, Pauline Hughes, Sue Crossfield, Liz
Prosser, Billy Adams, Anthony Barclay, Mike Palmer, Peter Clough, Willie
van Bussel, Sue Loveridge, John Butler, Jeremy Nichols, Jean Paul
Landreau, Simon Hulbert, Joy Bosworth, Niek Hoogland, Stephen Parry,
Beverley and Terry Bell-Hughes, Jennifer Colquitt, John Wheeldon, Lisa
Linsdell, John Calver, Stephen Plumstead, Steve Woodhead, Yo Thom, Polly
and Garry Uttley, Mark Titchener, Sally and Alasdair MacDonell, Andrew
Niblett, Phil Mumford, John Higgins, Paul Young, Neal Dalrymple, Richard
Godfrey, Douglas Fitch, Toon Thijs, Geert Jacobs, Jim Robison, Alan and
Anne Foxley, Ian Gregory, Jacqui Atkin, Svend Bayer, Clive Bowen, David
Binns/Wendy Lawrence)

Bob Bonnet (Ambrose Pottery) (Ambrose, PA, USA)
(A large selection of good domestic pottery forms, variously glazed and
occasionally carved or otherwise decorated) (His "Bridge Project" is

Cinda Mefferd (Ben Lomond, CA, USA)
(Good online pottery lessons, some with helpful photo illustrations)
(Mefferd is also a massage therapist.)

Carl Erickson (North Main Studio) (Stillwater, MN)
(Mature form design) (One of Erickson's specialties is watercolor-like
landscape sketches painted with high fire glazes on some of his plates
and lidded pieces.) (Something a little different is his line of
porcelain, cone 10 reduction fired teapots with vinyl tubing
feather-filled handles bolted on to lug posts.)

Suzana Lisanti and Peter Kaplan (Quiet Pottery) (Cambridge, MA;
Scotland, CT, USA)
(Elegant forms. There is an intriguing black glaze, matte on one part
of the piece and glossy on the other. The potters have a studio in
Cambridge and a wood-fired kiln in Scotland, Connecticut. Kaplan
creates wheel-thrown forms, and is the kiln builder. Lisanti, who is
the publisher of the MIT home page, studied pottery at the Harvard
Ceramics Studio.)

A Ken Ferguson plate at the Daum Museum of Contemporary Art:
(Not Tony C's mention, but striking, none-the-less) (Ferguson was
Chairman of the Kansas City Art Institute Ceramics Department for more
than thirty years. He was voted one of the 12 greatest living potters
in 1981 by readers of Ceramics Monthly.)

Helen Bates
Belleville, Ontario, Canada