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low fire red glaze info - rr

updated sat 22 jul 06


Ron Roy on thu 20 jul 06

Hello all,

I have a request that I cannot answer - does anyone have any answers for
this poor soul?

Please reply directly to me at -

Dear Sir,

Am a self enterprenuer who need a recipe for red glaze.
i have ball mill,electric kiln,red oxide,felsper,graded glass,calcium
carbonate,potash,soda ash,milled glass,red clay kaoline,bone ash,

please some one goo should help me with the recipe for my own glaze
formulation because commercial glaze is so costly for me to buy.

i will apprecite to visit a web site where i could access the red
colour/glaze formulars.

my kiln fires up to 800 to 900 degree centigrade and i want to obtain red
colour or dark red on my wares after firing and i want the glaze to be melting
700 to 800 or at most 900 degree centigrade

Ron Roy
15084 Little Lake Road
Brighton, Ontario
K0K 1H0