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garden workshop , now off to the conference

updated thu 27 jul 06


Stephani Stephenson on wed 26 jul 06

just finished up with the Garden stomp workshop
with the unseasonably early, very consistent, hot humid spell of
could have called it the garden swamp workshop!
whew! hot and humid in ol' San Diego!
but that did not phase the truly wonderful group of folks who showed up
they got down to business ! from large sculptural fountains to
birdbaths to 8 foot tall cacti
to robots to vessels to planters to tiles. hungry for clay , went at it
every day! Inspiring!

a congenial, intelligent , humorous, motivated group... enjoyed
meeting every single one of you..
and I am so happy you decided to give the workshop a go!
made my job dee-light- ful!!

will soon be off to South Carolina
for the Southern Fried Conference
packing tools, slides, etc.
will be interesting to see
how I handle the southern fried climate!
maybe the 'preheat' will help!
Looking forward to seeing everyone at the conference!

Stephani Stephenson