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a brush too broad/ was stand in line

updated fri 28 jul 06


Lili Krakowski on thu 27 jul 06

It is fun to bash other professions!

Heck: Hairdressers are thieves because they go clip clip clip, zap, zap
zap, and there go $15. And if you want some toxic material poured on your
scalp and baked into your hair, it spoils the looks of $50 plus. (Never mind
what it does to YOUR looks)

Accountants! Well! Hahahaha! You know about them! They have calculators
and software, it takes them ten minutes to figure out what you owe on your
pitiful income....but they have the System rigged, so you need them...and
they charge according to what they think you will pay.

Lawyers: $400 per hour says it all!

Doctors: Lettuce not start on them. You feel dizzy one day, your
significant other is worried. Next thing you know it is $$$$$$$$$$$ in
medical bills for unnecessary tests, just the co

Dentists: Don't get me started!

And on and on.

What is overlooked are two things: that this is a suing nation, everyone in
business carries a humongous load of liability insurance. Then: that
products change, laws change, science changes--and people need to keep up,
take classes, be relicensed etc.

And then the unforeseen. We all have wailed about the times we have made a
special order, and everything went wrong, and we made the s.o three times
over--but had not thought about it at the time of bidding.

The same goes for others.

As craftsmen we should respect other craftsmen, and trust they are as honest
as we.....As soon as we bash other craftsmen we create suspicion we know
what we are talking about, because we use the same "tricks".

Lili Krakowski
Be of good courage