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surfing with helen bates - july 31, 2006 #1 (canada, usa, brazil)

updated wed 2 aug 06


Helen Bates on mon 31 jul 06

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Greetings on a warm 31st. of July.

I've finally put together a few surfing locations after a bit of a
hiatus. It's not that I have run out of sites, but that I have less
energy sometimes (like hot summer days), and what energy I have goes
into garden care or family visits...

Here are today's links:

Lee Akins (Dallas,TX, USA)
(One more page to add to the Lee Akins links in my post "Surfing with
Helen Bates - April 28, 2006 - Canada, Israel, USA")

James Lovera, Plymouth, Amador County, CA, USA)
(Craters From Fire; Ceramics by James Lovera," a 65-year (!)
retrospective of his work at the Crocker Art Museum, Sacramento, July 22
to Oct. 8, 2006.) (Photos of the artist and his work)
("Craters from Fire" exhibition announcement at the Crocker Art Museum)
(2003 article on Lovera) (Photo of the artist and his work)
(3 zoomable images of Lovera's work)
(Two works by Lovera are included, plus Date of birth; location)
(Lovera piece up for Auction)
(Early piece by Lovera [1950's] at auction)
(Lovera Rooster from 1950's - click on enlargement icon for a clearer,
though slightly smaller view)
(Greenish lava glazed bowl by Lovera)
(Lovera's Black bowl with red flame glaze, Ceramics Monthly, Oct. 96)
(Another Lovera piece)
(Google image search results for the string: lovera)
(Rago Arts may be off-line for the moment; I couldn't load it today.)

Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition
(Held in early July; Clayarters Tony and Sheila Clennell, and Eric Wong
were among the over 60 ceramists exhibiting.)

Toronto Potters (Toronto, ON, Canada)
(Toronto Potters Biennial Juried Exhibition, 2004) (The 2006 Biennial
that Tony Clennell and Harlan House juried this year is not yet online.)

Paula Unger (Unger's Pottery House Art Gallery)
(Sao Paulo, Brazil and Monte Verde, Brazil)
(Great design skill; modern forms. Check out the multiple fountain made
of several conical-capped mushroom forms in a sharp blue glaze.)
Altavista's Babelfish machine translation:
(Note, personal names are literally translated in some cases; graphic
characters such as on link buttons will not be translated.)
(Galleries on site show the work of many Brazilian ceramic artists.)


Helen Bates
Belleville, Ontario, Canada
Clayarters' links and photos: