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surfing with helen bates - august 1, 2006 - usa, france, canada,

updated thu 3 aug 06


Helen Bates on wed 2 aug 06


Surfing with Helen Bates - August 1, 2006 - USA, France, Canada, Malaysia

Susan Spear (Glen Arbor, MI, USA)
(Textured, glazed low and high fired hand built vessels and=20
anthropomorphic rabbit sculptures) (The artist states that her vessels=20
are female metaphors: containers, receptacles, and protectors.)

Norleen Nosri (b. Malaysia, lives currently in Columbia, MO, USA)
(Student at the University of Missouri-Columbia) (This page displays her=20
"Storied Teapots", including her stacked teapots, which were exhibited=20
in Kuala Lumpur in 2004)

Howard Penning (Vancouver BC, Canada)
(Canadian artist whose current body of work consists of low relief,=20
mixed media paintings made mostly from plaster and clay, in which=20
"texture has come to have almost as much importance as colour.")

Foutah Com (Africa)
(African art and craft by Africans and artists of African descent, or=20
those strongly influenced by the art of Africa) Ceramists include:
Claire Galopin (Paris, France)
Maurice Lwambwa Tshany (Montreal, QC, Canada)
(Born in the Democratic Republic of Congo)
(Ceramic masks in the tradition of the African Congo)

A bit about vegetable oil firing:

John Britt (Bakersville, NC, USA)
Ceramics Monthly PDF article: "Firing with Vegetable Oil"
John Britt's home page:

Charles Timm-Ballard (Whitman College, Walla Walla, WA, USA)
(He's on faculty at Whitman College, Walla Walla, teaching ceramics, and=20
is building a prototype for [his] studio=E2=80=99s kiln from recycled she=
and kiln bricks with the help of his advanced ceramics students. The=20
kiln, which burns recycled vegetable oil is Timm-Ballard=E2=80=99s origin=

Kent McLaughlin and Suze Lindsay (Bakersville, NC, USA)
Kent and his wife Suze Lindsay own and operate Fork Mountain Pottery in=20
Bakersville NC. "Kent works primarily in porcelain, making pots for=20
daily living and experimenting with traditional Eastern glazes [...]." )=20
(Kent also makes brushes of wild animal hair and home-grown bamboo.)
[Suze's] work includes using surface decoration to enhance form by=20
patterning and painting slips and glazes for firing in the salt kiln.")
("[Kent] fires celadon and shino glazes in a gas reduction kiln,=20
preheating with propane, then firing with recycled vegetable oil and=20
waste oil burners.")

Helen Bates
Belleville, Ontario, Canada
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