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surfing with helen bates- august 3, 2006 - usa, england, australia

updated sat 5 aug 06


Helen Bates on thu 3 aug 06

Surfing with Helen Bates- August 3, 2006 - USA, England, Australia

I've sent Dennis Parks' website (well actually, his son's and the
school's website) before... but there was some conversation about him
recently on Clayart:

Dennis Parks, (Tuscarora Pottery School) (Tuscarora, NV, USA)
Here are a couple of other links for Dennis:
A sculptural vessel form by Dennis:
A visitor's photographs of Dennis' home and showroom:
Book: Living in the Country Growing Weird by Dennis Parks:

Leonard Smith and Lindy Rose Smith (Dulwich Hill, NSW, Australia)
(Work by Clayarter Leonard Smith and Lindy Smith, plus several articles
by Leonard, including "Raw Glazing: A Traditional Approach".)
(The above article is also available at "Ceramics Today", Steven
Goldate's online publication.) (References used: "A Potters' Guide to
Raw Glazing and Oil Firing", Dennis Parks, Pitman 1980; Studio Potter,
Vol, 7, No 1, Six articles in an issue devoted mainly to raw glazing;
"Pottery in Australia, Vol, 18, No 1, "Glazing in the Raw" John Edye,
pages 86-40; Ceramics Monthly, October 1976 pages 43-48 "Single fire
Glazes", Phyllis Ihrman.)

"Southern Art in Clay" (Farnham, Surrey, England, UK)
(10th. Southern Pottery & Ceramics Show, Nov 18th & 19th. 2006)
"Art in Clay" (Hatfield, Hertfordshire)
(Just getting underway is the 12th. National Pottery and Ceramics
Festival, August 4th, 5th & 6th., 2006, a larger show, put on by the
same people.) There are a lot of names - some have links to their own
websites. I clicked randomly on one: Nichola Theakston of Gainsborough,
in Lincolnshire, England, UK, who does some superb figural sculptures of
animals of Europe and Africa. [You may need to view the site with IE to
allow full enlargements of the pieces.)

Naira Barseghian (ClayGal) (b. Soviet Armenia, lives Sunland, CA, USA)
(Very sophisticated site and very sophisticated pottery with glazes like
paintings on white earthenware) (This and the previous site require
flash software.)

Belleville, Ontario, where it has been cloudy, cooler and somewhat rainy
since last night...

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