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slip usage

updated tue 8 aug 06


JOYCE LEE on tue 8 aug 06

Elizabeth asked for what I use 25 - 50 lbs of slip?
I got into slip in a rather big way for a long while because I could NOT
work with slip, had no imagination about its use and felt that there
were some designs I'd like to use the slip to create. So I made up=20
batches in the mixer ..... with Ravenscrag and later with Coleman =
Since I don't care for really straight lines on my designs and prefer a
pretty loose look, the slip works well for me. =20

AND the Bluebird mixer keeps the whole mess air-tight even in the
arid, hothothot desert environment. You may not recall but before I
took a hiatus from pots for a couple of years I was beginning to use a
LOT of clay. I no longer recall the exact poundage or tonnage, but it
was way more than I'd expected........ and I sold all those pots at
various local fairs and shows... so I was using 50 lbs of slip at a =
rapid rate. AND then I also liked working with Fat Red and Laguna's
dark brown clays.... but my glazes looked better on light colored =
so I used the dark clays and then used slip between them and the
glazes......... looked better than the clays alone, light or dark.

I haven't contorted my way back to that level of work yet but am really
expecting to do so with a little more time, and hours more physical

Baby Steps and Positive Thoughts.

Thanks for asking, E.

In the Mojave Desert of California USA where it's been below 100 F for
a few days now....... happy times.