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open studio near glen ridge, nj?

updated thu 10 aug 06


Ann & Peter Summar on tue 8 aug 06

I received this message from a woman visiting, and was
hoping that someone here might be able to help her out? She's looking for a
studio that offers open studio time, I believe.

Ann Summar (latest update will be ready in 2 weeks)

I attended a studio in Bloomfield nj. This location has closed. What I
am interested in Is working with the already poured clay cleaning it up
having it fired, than painting etc. The only places I can find are places
that have the item made fired and all you need to do is paint. I want to
get involved from the start. I live in GlenRidge and would like to go to a
studio one evening a week and work with the clay. Please e-mail me at home
if you have any locations for this.

My e-mail at home is