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upcoming tilemaking, architectural ceramics workshops

updated fri 11 aug 06


Stephani Stephenson on thu 10 aug 06

There are still a few openings in my upcoming , week long immersion
these are hands on workshops . Coastal San Diego, CA. area. Look
forward to seeing you there!
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Architectural Ceramics : Stephenson September 21-25 . 5 days
Thursday -Monday. $500
Freeform or modular construction techniques , history and background.
Pressing , extruding , slabs, design, design transfer, measuring ,
firing , glazing and installation . . Students will complete group
projects such as door surround, column or arch. Limit 10

Tilemaking : Stephenson October 12-16 5 days .
Thursday - Monday $500

How to make field and decorative tile. topics include choosing
claybodies, tile techniques and methods , pressing , extruding ,
modeling , relief tile, design and design transfer, drying , firing ,
glazing, installation. participants will make their own relief tile and
mold. Limit 10

Stephani Stephenson