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surfing with helen bates - aug 14, 2006 - usa, canada, australia)

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Helen Bates on mon 14 aug 06

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Surfing with Helen Bates - Aug 14, 2006 - USA, Canada, Australia)

A long list of urls today...

Piedmont Craftsmen (Winston-Salem, NC, USA)

Duets For Kelly Savino:

Adelaide Alsop Robineau (Metropolitan Museum of Art) (New York, NY, USA)

(Carved bowl bay Alsop - a good zoomable image)

Annual "Eastside Culture Crawl" (Vancouver, BC, Canada)
(Scheduled for late November) (Numerous potters and sculptors working in
the clay medium)

Gerald Morton (Moose Mountain Pottery) (Kenossee Lake, SK, Canada)
(Has been quarrying and processing his own clay and minerals for glazes
for the past twenty-five years.)

Jim and Sarah Young (Van Hollow Pottery) (Rogers, AR, USA)
(Producing mostly functional pottery in high-fired stoneware and
porcelain, including bowls, casseroles, platters, vases, teapots, mugs,
goblets, toad abodes, and more)

Robert and Terri Lee (Wassi Art Pottery Works) (Ocho Rios, Jamaica)
(Hand thrown ware made of local Blue Mountain, and decorated with
brilliantly coloured designs.)

Christine MacEwan

(Sculptor - she's done a fountain whose face looks uncannily like that
of the late Pierre Trudeau [former Prime Minister of Canada.])

Tony Flynn (Canberra, Australia)
(Materials scientist, Australian National University, Canberra)
("All you need is terracotta clay, a compliant cow and a match.")

Dharavi Potters Village (India):
("The biggest slum in Asia, Dharavi near Mumbai has another claim to
fame: its pottery industry. About 5,000 families depend on the clay pots
that will ultimately be distributed throughout the country and abroad."
(Pottery industry of Dharavi, India, by Robert James Elliott)

Parks, Dennis (Tuscarora Pottery School) (Tuscarora, NV, USA):
I've sent Dennis Parks' website (well actually, his son's and the
school's website) before... Here are a couple of other links:
A sculptural vessel form by Dennis:
A visitor's photographs of Dennis' home and showroom:
Living in the Country Growing Weird:
(Link to one of Dennis Park's more recent books)

Wayne Ferguson (Louisville, KY, USA)

Laurie Rolland (Sechelt, BC, Canada):
(Now has her own website)

Norm Schulman (Norman Schulman Studio) (Penland, NC, USA),-Norman-2006.jpg

Helen Bates
Belleville, Ontario, Canada
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