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nceca clay national deadline for entries sept. 4th

updated mon 21 aug 06


Linda Arbuckle on sun 20 aug 06

The show is a wonderful opportunity for putting work before a large audienc=
of diverse clay people.Over 6000 people attended the last conference.
ClayArt was well-represented and the conference much talked about on the
list. It's held every 2 years, and this year's jurors are potter Sylvie
Granatelli, and sculptors Nick Kripal and Syd Carpenter. The NCECA web site
for entry info is:

Galleries have to be concerned about saleable work. Museums often want
people with a demonstrated track record. The Clay National offers an
opportunity for people who have made interesting, resolved work to submit i=
to a panel of established clay artists (different for every Clay National)
for consideration for this show. It's not about saleable or reputation, but
just whether the jurors think it's good work. The jurors want the show to
represent their combined view of the best of what was submitted, and have
the show be a strong view of the vitality and diversity of contemporary cla=
art. Remember: you can't win if you don't play. The images are viewed
anonymously. They need diverse entries to select a good show for us to see.

*The deadline for application is September 4th.*

You may enter 2 works, completed in the past 2 years. You may submit an
image of each work and a detail of each. Entry fee is $15. for NCECA
members, $30. for non-members. * *
This year all entries are being accepted electronically. Once you click on
the NCECA entry icon, you are taken to Caf=E9 Image Management, the
organization that has worked out the details. You must prepare your images
to a specific size and format.This will take some image editing, which they
explain on the web site. If you're not versed in image editing, find someon=
to help. It's not a big deal, and someone familiar with this can do it
fairly quickly. If you have slides, they can be scanned into digital format
and then edited for entry parameters.

See this page for details:

I really enjoy seeing the Clay National, and find it one of the most
vital contemporary ceramics shows because it's freed of gallery and museum
agendas and is just about the work, with different respected jurors (very
versed in clay) to add fresh perspectives each time, and hope people will
consider participating in this major event for our field.

Linda Arbuckle