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uses of rice hull ash--to danny floyd

updated thu 24 aug 06


Dave Finkelnburg on tue 22 aug 06

I agree with you, that chemically rice hull ash is
a silica source, just like quartz. However, quartz is
crushed rock (almost pure silica, of course), while
rice hull ash is a non-crystalline form of silica. It
may be finer, certainly should require less energy to
melt. There are some gorgeous oriental glazes that
have been made using, presumably, ash as the silica
source. Before I rejected this material entirely, it
might be worth testing.
Good glazing,
Dave Finkelnburg

--- Danny Floyd wrote:
> but at the moment I myself cant see any value in
> using Rice Husk Ash if you
> have ready access to quartz.

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