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piedmont guild.

updated sat 2 sep 06


Antoinette Badenhorst on fri 1 sep 06

Dear Clayarters, I am invited to the Piedmont Guild's annual show in
November to finish the review process for membership. Are there any members
on the list that has done this show in the past and that is willing to give
me a few tips and pointers please?


Do you need sharp trimming tools that will not wear out quickly? Contact me
for information.

Antoinette Badenhorst

105 Westwood Circle

Saltillo MS, 38866

662 869 1651

catjarosz on fri 1 sep 06

Dear Antoinette'

congratulations on getting thru part 1 of the Piedmont Crafters jury system.
Part 2 is to either submit 3 pieces to be hands on juried or to do the

This Guild is heavy emphasis on ART.... If your going to submit functional
make sure its WOW WOW FUNCTIONAL...

There are so many really good Potters who can not get into this guild and
its not because they have no skill its because they didnt submit WOW...
They see so much pottery their eyes GLAZE OVER excuse the pun but I
couldnt resist.

Knock their socks off Girl and good luck... ps yes I am a member in
good standing for ? 7
yrs I think.. feel free to email me if ya want... cat

V)''(V woof & >^..^< mew
\||/ chicks with beards rule!!