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surfing with helen bates - august 31, 2006 - usa, uk, japan, korea,

updated sat 2 sep 06


Helen Bates on thu 31 aug 06

Italy, Austria

Surfing with Helen Bates - August 31, 2006 - USA, UK, Japan, Korea,
Italy, Austria

A long list. I ran out of steam near the bottom and didn't get the last
few descriptions typed before my head started to nod.

Judith Cook (Australia)
("Cyberceramics" plates exhibition) ("Not the Last Supper" Gallery
Installation Judith Cook with Michael Hadley) ("Not the Last Supper" is
a virtual china cabinet full of "cyberceramics", that is, ceramic plates
that have been designed on the computer, and applied to plates using a
new decal manufacturing and firing process that makes use of a dye
sublimation printing method.)

Yi-Hyun Jo (Song-Pa Pottery) (Ichon City, Kyugnki-Do, Korea)
(Scroll to bottom of page to see link button to enter the site.)
(Crystalline, copper red, patterned celadon glazed porcelain; bunchong
[punchong?], ) (The Song-Pa Pottery Shop is located in a a Korean
traditional wooden, tiled-roofed house [Hanok.]
(Best with a fast computer and high bandwidth.)
See a piece by Yi-Hyun at Clayarter William Melstrom's page:
(On the same page is a big collection of pieces by the top crystalline
glaze potters of the Western world)

Benjamin Gufford (Wheel To Work Pottery) Goldsboro, NC, USA)
(Works in porcelain with textured surface treatments.) (Brief comments
and links to the websites of many ceramics "stars.")

Women's Studio Workshop (Rosendale, NY, USA)
> WSW houses fully equipped studios for etching, papermaking,
> screen-printing, clay, letterpress, and photography. During
> their stay at WSW, artists are provided with 24-hour access
> to the studios and on-site housing. Fellowship opportunities
> are partially subsidized (the visiting artist pays a weekly
> fee.) Grant opportunities include a weekly stipend to the
> artist. WSW's Artists Opportunities are enriched by the
> supportive, creative community comprised of artist-staff,
> studio managers, artist-interns, other visiting artists, and
> the studio's arts public.
(WSW has introduced a new residency grant: the "Ora Schneider Art Writer
Residency Grant" for the Fall of 2006.)

Mingei Fukuda Potteries (Takamatsu, Kagawa, Japan)
(Gosu glaze) (Teapot glazed in gosu shinog glaze)

Roz Fletcher (Twickenham and Brentford, England, UK)
(Scuba diver Fletcher's pottery is inspired by the beauty of forms found
living underwater)

"Algernon's Blog" (Prescott, AZ, USA)
(The National Anthem, Coyote, and Clay) (I haven't been able to find out
who "Algernon" is, though he/she seems to be a resident of Prescott,
AZbut, see his version of the famous lyrics. For a teaser:
"O say does that fur-faced old rascal yet bay,
As he laughs at his sport, showing men they're but clay?")

Art in Clay (Hatfield House, Hertfordshire, England, UK)
(200 Potters and ceramicists exhibited at the 2006 show)

Gise Trauttmansdorff (born in Austria; lives in Jerseyville, ON, Canada)
Jerseyville is between Dundas and Brantford, Ontario

Roland Summer (Velden, Austria)

Gundi Dietz (Vienna, Austria)

Lisa Nocentini (Florence, Italy)

Margaret Henkels (Austin, TX, USA)

Jim Kozlowski (Bloomfield, NY, USA) The Wizards of Clay (Check details)


Helen Bates
Belleville, Ontario, Canada
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