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updated thu 14 sep 06


Lee Love on wed 13 sep 06

Mac - which one for you ?? (OT not clay)

On 9/13/06, Brandon Greimann
> Kind of like the old days of vinyl versus CD. Analog still offers more
> data, just an inconvenient form factor for in-car use (unless you're
> Elvis...didn't he have a turntable in his car?).

My great annoyance with propriatary software is that my hard drive
would probably have twice a much space if I didn't need Sonic to access the
Sony music service and iTunes to get to Apple's. I usually end up
deleting the extra one, until I forget how annoying it is so I download it
again, only to remove it from the HD when I remember! I keep Sonic on,
because my portable music is on Sony MD.

A universal music download system makes better sense.


Lee in Mashiko, Japan
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