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updated fri 15 sep 06


primalmommy on thu 14 sep 06

Hey all...

I'm three days into my MFA and just wanted to report in -- briefly...
(my prof has made it clear that no student of hers has time to read
clayart email-by-email, so I'm down to skimming the archives) ;0)

Three whole days and I am not a genius yet, and my pots still suck. But
at least I am beginning to understand why.

Diana is a good cook with an open door and a knack for gathering
interesting people together... she is building quite a "team" of student
potters. Her guest bed is brass with a fluffy duvet. Her syllabus that
is both daunting and exciting...

The strike is not over but has been temporarily suspended, so profs have
been meeting with classes for a couple of days as long as administrators
keep negotiating...

My studio/seminar course is a tall order to fill, and reminds me how
long I have been out of practice... both in the ceramics studio and in
that class, the process of "who do I think I am, anyway?" has clearly

The unexpected fun part is finding out "who the hell are all these other
people?" -- what a diverse, colorful, interesting and funny group of
students fill that studio on monday and wednesday nights... and Diana's
kitchen between times.

We even had Miss Marta Matray visiting this week ;0) That woman has
enough sparkle to fire a kiln with.

After monday overnight and all day tuesday, I got home late tuesday
night just in time to say goodnight to Jeff, who was leaving for a five
day Organization of Biological Field Station Managers conference at 5:30
this morning... poor guy has spent the whole day in airport hell,
delayed flights and missed connections. Currently he sounds miserable on
the phone, stuck in some ancient mo-tel in a bad part of the Denver
suburbs, waiting to fly out tomorrow while his colleagues are
field-tripping without him in Glacier National Park. He says he doesn't
know which to be more concerned about, the pry-marks on the outside of
his hotel room door, or the ones on the inside. On the bright side, his
luggage and toiletries did make the flight and are having a lovely time
in Montana without him. Poor guy.

Me, I am tired, a bit road-weary (loaded up the kids and went back up
north for class tonight, since Jeff wasn't in town) -- and I'm quite
humbled by my first swim in the big pond this week. I have yet to throw
anything in the EMU studio that I would admit to having made, (oh, that?
yeah, I think Patrick made that...) and it has been a long time since I
have had to do the kind of reading that requires a dictionary and
highlighter. 20 years, to be exact. I have barely plumbed the depths of
how much I do not know. It comes as a shock to me, having spent a decade
as the smartest, most skilled potter in my entire back yard studio.

On top of that, it occurs to me that my "I'd like to master this
sometime in the next 20 years" learning curve has just been replaced by
"this is due next tuesday".

And, that it is three in the morning, and my kids will be up early, and
I need to go to bed...
Excruciating details being blogged, for those with way too much time...

Kelly in Ohio commuting to Michigan

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