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sticking your arm in the ash bucket

updated fri 15 sep 06


R Kale on wed 13 sep 06

Lili- when I read your story about sticking your arm in the unwashed ash bucket, I smiled-did something similar with some ingredient and wound up with nasty rash. Decided that if I had to stick my arm in the bucket again to stir some nasty thing, I was going to have a glove or some protection on my arm. BUT WHAT? What would be that long? Suddenly I had a *DING* moment back to my childhood-my grandfather was a farmer. Farmers have cows-cows have calves. He used to use these gloves for doing unpleasant and mucky things up the backside to Baby Cow, the Jersey.
So I marched myself thusly to the local Large Animal and Feed Store and bought a big box of those OB/Gyn gloves for cows. Look like clear opera length gloves AAAALLLLLL the way to your armpit. Problem solved......