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depth of ^04 glazes and the journey

updated sun 17 sep 06


Phyllis Tilton on sat 16 sep 06

Within the last year, and I need to go back thru someof the ceramic mags, there was a picture of a luscious glaze that had streamed to the base of a pot. It was a pot of ^5 or 6 clay with ^ 04 or 06 glaze and fired to cone 5 or 6. I have kept that in mind and plan to try it. There was such a blend of the colors. I am sure I will need to perhaps keep the glaze on the upper part of the piece til I know how it will react. Am in the middle of some orders so any experimentation is on the back burner.

Sally's Journey. I had the pleasure of spending time with her at the Balto NCECA. We have corresponded briefly but not for some time. Many of us face our mortality -particularly as we age. At 82, I have come close---cancer, heart problems, etc, but put them behind me. I am caregiver for my husband and his doctors and I have kept him going by being tenacious about care and watching symptoms. Have dealt with a granddaughter with a malignant brain tumor at age 6 or 7. She is now 14, will be on replacement drug therapy the rest of her life due to pituitary damage. She is doing well. Her dad has had open heart surgery and lately had a pulmonary embolism. Her mother died suddenly at age 40---cardiac accident-arryhthmia etc. What is first and foremost with me,right now,is my youngest son. He has been HIV postitive for probably 20 years. It went into full blown Aids several years ago. He also has been very good friends with Evan Williams, Jack Daniels and some of their
colleagues. Now, the price is being paid with enlarged liver and other symptoms from alcohol. He doesn't live in Ohio. We talk daily and he is getting excellent medical care. No more alcohol---ever!!!! He isn't out of the woods but doesn't want me to come right now. Lots of rest required and they are still doing testing. I know I will go in November and put my arms around him when he turns 51.

I have found it necessary to have a mind set about much of this life journey that we are on. We can't judge others--need to walk in their shoes to know how we would handle and react. I WILL NOT let all this rule my life--and my relationship with friends. All these things sound like a horror story but we can't live with that shadow. We all just keep on keeping on and have some fun and smile and keep busy. I hope that doesn't sound 'pollyannaish". It is hard to write message like this and not really know how this all comes across. There are so many people that have had so much more to contend with and live through.

We have done what we can to provide for the future----living will, nursing home insurance, good insurance,.own lots in a cemetary, all the legal stuff to make it easier for our kids.

So, To Life and ;-)

Phyllis Tilton