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"fool proof glazes/slips"

updated thu 21 sep 06


Steve Slatin on wed 20 sep 06

Bambi --

Check the glazes on --
there are many, many glazes variously well described.

And as far as making a fool-proof glaze -- or anything else --
remember whenever someone thinks they have something fool-
proof the world just goes and comes up with a superior fool.
Make sure you choose a glaze recipe to start with that's
aimed at the maturing cone of the clay you put it on, and
do what you can to make sure it's fired precisely to that

Then look at the result and decide what you need to change.
Go back to the archives (above) and read Lili Krakowski's
3-part summary course on glaze.

And when you have an interesting result, or learn something
new, post a note and let us know.

Best wishes -- Steve Slatin

Bambi Dean wrote:
Hey i just joined this!
i am a student and so i am completely new to the whole glaze recipe thing.
if anyone has any hard-to-mess-up or fool-proof (if there is such a thing)
glazes (preferrably glossy) in cone 04 or 10 that woudl rock! at this
point i would settle for some awesome color slips [like i said i am new to
the whole thing, i had previously only used commercial glazes]
any help would be awesome.

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