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surfing with helen bates - september 20, 2006 - usa, france, japan,

updated fri 22 sep 06


Helen Bates on wed 20 sep 06

UK, Mexico

Surfing with Helen Bates - September 20, 2006 - USA, France, Japan, UK,=20

Arts on Douglas (New Smyrna Beach, FL, USA)
(Ceramics: Tom Brewer, Georgina Holt, Lundin Kudo, Timothy Ludwig)

Christian Chavas (France) (English, German, French)
(Stoneware vessels and abstract pictorial tiles)

Duchesne, Marie (Atelier du Roc d'Arguille) (France) (French)
(Vegetable ash-glazed pottery) (Free download for "Potoulz", a French
language glaze calculation software program that runs in MS Excel.)
For Altavista's Babelfish machine translation:

(The "Liens" [Links] page has a chart of English/French equivalent
terms. Don't read this in the machine translation, because it
translates the French, and even then, gives erronious results.)

Justin Rothshank (Pittsburgh, PA, USA)
("Teapots and other ceramic sculptures in the monochromatic colors of
humble engine parts and mechanical artifacts")

Koji Kamada (Kyoto, Japan)
(Tenmoku Pottery research and production)

Juan J. Ramirez & Associates (El Paso, TX, USA)
(The inventor gives some information on his patent pending heating
system to potters who would like to make a few of these for themselves:
"How to make a "Heat Retentive Plate" in your studio with Schematic")

Ashmolean Museum (Oxford, Oxfordshire, England, UK)
(Islamic Ceramics Online)

Ash glazes in oxidation
Harry Spring (Wickford, RI, USA) (PDF)
("In The Mix: Wood-Ash Glazing at Cone 6")
Val Cushing (Alfred Station, NY, USA)
("Firing in Oxidation to C/4.5.6") (Studio Potter in June 1977)
Lee Akins (Dallas, TX, USA)

(Fires in cone 1 oxidation, using ash in some glazes) (PDF)

Milly, Al, Eck and Will McCanless (Dover Pottery) (Pittsboro, NC, USA) =09 : North Carolina
(Sample of a Documentary pottery [with traditional and original music by
father Al, and sons Eck, and Will McCanless], all of whom pot and play
near Seagrove, North Carolina)
(Al McCanless work for the Chatham Studio Tour)

Appropriate Rural Technology Interdisciplinary Group (GIRA)(Mexico)
("Taking the poison out of pottery" - a project to start from the bottom
up and educate poor potters, who cannot afford safer raw materials, in
ways to at least lessen the effects of lead on themselves and their own

Jay Emery (Bushman Burners) (Dingley Dell Enterprises)
(Hartlebury, Warwickshire, England, UK) or:
(One 12ft high and 5ft wide and weighing 1=BD-tonwas was installed in a
pub patio area in England)
(Large, not to say giant-sized hand made in England wire mesh reinforced
chimenea produced from from an industrial fire clay blend meant to
withstand temperatures over 1200 degrees C. The unit has been designed
to be left out year round even in the frost and snow.) (Other large
garden products include architectural pots, barbecues, and an African
Pot House.)

And that's it!

Helen Bates
Belleville, Ontario, Canada
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