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any upstate ny or pa studio postitions available?

updated sun 1 oct 06


PotteryAddress on sat 30 sep 06


Hi Ingeborg,
No message came through on your 9/28 post to clayart under the subject "Any
Upstate NY or PA studio positions available". What came through was only
what I had written on 9/27 marked with >> << . It seems like whatever
message you might have intended to post didn't show up.
"Jane Doe Potter"

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From: "Ingeborg"
Sent: Thursday, September 28, 2006 5:16 PM
Subject: Re: Any Upstate NY or PA studio postitions available?

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> Sent: Wednesday, September 27, 2006 11:13 PM
> Subject: Any Upstate NY or PA studio postitions available? Hardworking...
> Hello,
> Can anyone on Clayart offer suggestions re: if there are any private or
> public upstate NY studios convenient to Binghamton area of Broome County
> NY
> or within Northeastern PA willing to offer an apprenticeship situation to
> a
> dependable, mature, and responsible adult? I have over 10 years
> experience
> in wheel throwing functional pots on an electric wheel with porcelain &
> white stoneware, some handbuilding and slabwork experience, some
> slipcasting
> experience & slipcast greeware cleanup experience, the asset of being neat
> and conscientious, glazing skills (airbrushing, dippping, multiple glazes,
> etc), courteous interpersonal skills, extensive public speaking
> experience,
> customer service skills, and hands-on studio experience such that I can
> perform various studio tasks. I do not have an MFA; my clay studies have
> been through direct practice, years of taking continuing ed classes at art
> centers, and through various workshops. The last time I was required to
> take a typing test, I tested as accurately typing 80-90 words per minute
> and
> have computer, bookeeping, telephone, and other relevant skills that might
> be of assistance in a commercial pottery studio setting where they get
> phone
> or internet orders and need experienced help. My preference is towards
> working with hi-fired wares in combustion kilns (gas kilns usually);
> although I also really enjoy soda and raku firing. Are there any private
> studios nearby that are reasonably clean and maintain a reasonably
> respectful atmosphere which might consider an apprenticeship opportunity
> or
> some type of group cooperative studio that offers ongoing studio time and
> firing access in exchange for rental or fees.
> Please note, before posting to clayart, I did check the special annual
> issue
> Ceramics Monthly publishes where they summarize apprenticeship/fellowship
> opportunites and no upstate NY facilities were listed as offering
> apprenticeships (New York City and Rochester are over 3hrs away from
> here).
> I also did a google search on the web and am not finding any results
> convenient to Broome County NY.
> To my knowlege and from the research I've done thus far, there aren't any
> public group facilities convenient to my location except for one in
> Binghamton which is through a museum which offers non-credit adult pottery
> continuing education classes. I've been told this particular facility has
> very good instructors and others have described it to me as being
> "crowded"
> with numerous students competing for limited equipment. I phoned this
> facility and I was told: they have a "several year" waiting list for their
> studio apprentice program and are not presently considering new apprentice
> candidates, they are completely and totally full with no present student
> openings for either their intermediate or advanced level adult classes
> until
> possibly February 07, and there might be a waiting list for Feb 07 because
> continuing/ongoing students get registered first and there may not be any
> non-beginner student openings in Feb.
> The current hardworking/help wanted Clayart thread reminded me that I feel
> I
> can offer something worthwhile in exchange for being able to seriously
> work
> in a mutually compatible studio. I have been searching for viable local
> alternatives to the fully booked solid group classroom situation and hoped
> to find something convenient to Binghamton. If a local facility isn't an
> option, since I am renting a house here, I do have the freedom and
> flexibility to consider relocation (if that is what it will take in order
> to
> seriously pursue clay full-time). Its fair to say that I've been seriously
> considering relocation anyway (considering moving away from NY to a more
> affordable rural setting) because upstate NY's cost of living is extremely
> expensive and everything just keeps going up! When I filled my gas tank
> last week, gasoline is supposedly considered "cheap" at $2.69 for regular
> unleaded ($2.69 is not what I call cheap), a nice 1 bedroom apartment in a
> safe neighborhood rents for $600-700/month, it is extremely hard to find
> rental houses that allow pets in this area, sales tax is over 8%, NY
> electric rates are some of the most expensive in the United States, and
> almost everything is more expensive when compared to other areas. Over
> the
> past couple of years, I decided that if I can't find a nearby studio
> pottery
> opportunity, I'm willing to consider relocating to a more affodable rural
> area to better be able to work professionally in clay. Because I have
> family near the Altoona/State College PA area, I'd seriously consider
> relocating to Ohio or to "Steeler country" anywhere in Western PA, or West
> Virginia (that is if I could find a suitable position working in a clay
> studio as an apprentice or if I could possibly join a group clay studio
> professional guild/coop situation somewhere). If nothing is available
> convenient to upstate NY or within any of those areas I specifically
> mention, I'd consider relocation to anywhere rural within the US provided
> there is a compatible facility where there is serious potential for a
> long-term apprenticeship/studio assistantship opportunity.
> If anyone has input re: other clay studios convenient to Binghamton area
> with possible apprenticeship commercial studio positions...or good
> potential
> situations in other non-local geographic areas, could you please email me
> privately? I'm willing to meet for an interview, can share slides/samples
> of
> my work, and we can discuss specifics. One final thing, please excuse
> that
> I declined including my name within this internet posting; I didn't
> include
> it because I do not want to jeopardize any present situations. Thanks in
> advance!
> I'll sign myself here as:
> "Jane Doe", studio potter
> My email address is:
> grandfeu*ATSIGN*earthlink*DOT*net
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