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co-op help a follow up to my first email...

updated sun 1 oct 06


m.mshelomi on sat 30 sep 06


I worked in/for a co op for several years. It is a time/energy =
consuming endeavor. It was when I began to be drawn to the tenets of =
"benevolent dictatorship"... (naturally, with me at the helm).

It seemed to me that there were a few who were most enthused/vocal until =
there was something to be done... Then, they became silent or just =
disappeared... Very frustrating. =20

Should you need a sounding board for thoughts, ideas pro/cons... Write.

pottermim =20

A follow up to my first email...
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From: "Chuck Nun"
Sent: Saturday, September 30, 2006 11:27 AM
Subject: Re: Co-op Help

> Thanks for the replies. I had forgotten the archives (old subjects =
> die!), even found my old post from 99 and 98. I am going to approach =
> in a slow manner as there are lots of possibilities in my town, =
> vacant storefronts, commercial property, maybe some farmer with an =
> tool shed, still exploring. The town is Blackstone, VA about 60 miles =
> Richmond, VA, my former local. I had thought of the co-op thing as a =
> to save $ and also start some kind of artist focal point for the =
> not limited to just pottery. So I'm going to research and ponder the =
> thing, it would most likely require my efforts to start and maintain. =
> have to decide what's most important or what will motivate me more, =
> start an artist co-op or just getting back to my wheel. Meanwhile, =
there is
> handbuilding, raku, wood, setting the wheel up outside, the list goes
> on. I just want to get my hands dirty again. Got several pails of =
> bags of clay, glaze ingredients, and now the time. I'll keep you =
> and lurking the list. Good to see some familiar names, Mel, Tony, et =