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tozan woodfire conference roll call

updated tue 3 oct 06


BJ Clark | Stinking Desert Ceramics on thu 28 sep 06

Hey all,
Who on the list is making the journey to NAU for the Woodfire conference?

How will the other Clayarters know who you are?

I am going (along with my girlfriend Becky) early to the preconference,
barring any unforseen calamity.
We usually look like this:

Who else is going to make it? I know of atleast 2 others.
BJ Clark
Stinking Desert Ceramics

Taylor Hendrix on fri 29 sep 06

Yo Stinky,

I'm going to be there with my girlfriend. If Linda Dadisman gets back
online from her trip down here, she might upload a picture of me and
my girlfriend, Dr. Hendrix, along with two of our children. Barring
that, look for the sideburns wearing the Dr Pepper cap.

I have some naked bisque I'm hoping to glaze there. Just no time anymore.

Taylor, in Rockport TX

Fredrick Paget on fri 29 sep 06

Nan and I will be there.
Look for the big old guy in the SF Giants hat.
Darth couldn't make it. He is feeling sort of empty in his fancy new
home at Letterman Center in San Francisco. Oops! I almost called
it "Frisco", ( I am entitled to do that because I used to be a
sailor. )

There is a picture of Nan and me with Daddy on my home page

Fred Paget
Twin Dragon Studio
Mill Valley, CA, US

Barb Lord on sun 1 oct 06

I will be at the conference also. Where is everyone staying? I'm hoping
jeans are the attire of the day for the conference. Packing light here, so
will be mainly jeans and t-shirts.

Paul Herman on sun 1 oct 06


You probably already know that I'm signed up. Leaving home Sunday,
and returning the following Sunday. We have been advised it is
possible to make the trip in a long day.

See you all,

Paul Herman

Great Basin Pottery
Doyle, California US

Janet Moe on mon 2 oct 06

Boy I wish we were on our way to Arizona. Too bad we
are in the process of moving and creating a new
studio. This is neat but we can't wait until the next
woodfire conference... Hope you all have a fabulous
time and please keep us informed!!

Cheers, Janet and Richard, Vancouver Island

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