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pho bowls goes ot but funny! amanda & friends don't read this one!

updated fri 6 oct 06


claybair on wed 4 oct 06

What a good idea....Pho bowls.
The ones I have seen have an simple elegant shape
and were white.
Hmmm this gives me a great excuse to
go to the new quite authentic Pho restaurant
about 8 miles up the road.
Last month after noticing a new restaurant
my daughter brought some home. She innocently
ordered several of the house specials. We were salivating from
the smell of the broth as we tore open the separate containers.
We were frantically trying to figure out whose was whose because
some items were unidentifiable. The house special along with beef
had this beautiful curly lacy white stuff and chunks of something that
had a beautiful translucency. Finally hubby came down stairs to settle
a frantic daughter who kept asserting... "They got the order all wrong!".
In it's authenticity they included items that were foreign to us like tripe
and tendon. Fortunately everything was meticulously packaged individually
and we
easily pulled out the items that the squeamish couldn't bring themselves
to try. After settling down we had a wonderful meal.
Pho is very good!
Daughter has made it for us a few times... it was good but this new
place is wonderful even if they do slightly mess up the order.
BTW mine was the only completely identifiable one.... chicken..
I wound up giving it to my daughter who has a very queasy stomach.
Ahhhh mung bean sprouts, ever so fresh basil, lime... so wonderful!
What's Pho see:
some photos of bowls:
Gayle Bair
Bainbridge Island, WA
Tucson, AZ

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From: Diane Palmquist
I don't make Pho bowls but love to make the soup. It is so easy,
healthy,cheap and wonderful! We go to the Oriental grocery, get the
ingredients and sometimes even change a few ingredients. Sometimes we don't
have bean sprouts-so we add mushrooms instead. The varieties are endless.
Now that the weather is starting to get colder we decided we should have it
once a week! We always put chicken and shrimp in ours!
Also working harder than I would like to!
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From: "Mark Issenberg"

> Are there any potters in London that can make Pho Bowls? I got a email
> about
> Pho Bowls and the person lives in London. Nona made some Pho the other
> night. We looked up some recipes and it can be involved. I guess my
> favortite Pho
> is still an Buford Hwy in Atlanta. I like going to Atlanta so that i can
> stop
> at Pho Hoe..
> Are any of you making Pho?
> Mark
> making pots like a wildman
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