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pho bowls goes ot but funny! amanda & friends don't read this one!

updated sat 7 oct 06


Ivor and Olive Lewis on fri 6 oct 06

Well, I suppose this craze will filter towards the antipodes eventually =
but I would like to put an idea to those who are a bit squeamish when it =
comes to the fiddly bits, the tough bits and the bits you need teeth to =

Over the years I have noticed that it has become common for food =
producers to "Value Add" to many things. This goes for the meats that we =
eat. Butcher remove the unpalatable bits, the tough bits, the offal, =
brains and so on. Value adding equates to removing what is perceived to =
devalue the product. With respect to meats, these contain many of the =
basic building blocks we need for our bodies to carry on their processes =
of self repair. It takes a lot longer and more effort for our biological =
processes to construct cartilage and sinew from the proteins present in =
pulses and grains.

So if this Pho stuff has some of those as ingredients I am sure the =
flavour is delightful and the cooking process renders them palatable and =

Must say, its a few years since I had Tripe Curry , but Shin beef with =
all its gristle and sinew we enjoy on a regular basis.

By the way. Is this "Pho" just another form of "Long" or "Short" soup?. =
Anyone got a recipe?

Best regards,