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help with sealing vases

updated tue 10 oct 06


Bob Leek on sun 8 oct 06

Hi Barbara,

I seal my raku vases (which are porous and need a layer of sealant to
prevent seepage) using Pour-On epoxy made by Environmental Technology, =
(of California). It's easy to use. Mix parts equally, and pour into =
vessel. Coat all interior surfaces by tipping the pot. Let it set a =
day or
two. It not only seals the pot, but also strengthens it. I buy mine at =
local hardware store.

Bob Leek

Williamsburg, VA=20


Barbara Brown wrote:

I am having trouble with some of my vases leaking. I am using cone 10 =

oneware and firing to cone 10 oxidation. Some of the vases seep when =

on newspaper overnight and some do not. I have tried sealing the =

g ones by painting Thompson's water seal on the unglazed bottom. =

es it works and sometimes it does not. Does anyone have any other ideas =

on how to take care of this problem?