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more tozan 20+1 woodfire conference pictures

updated tue 10 oct 06


BJ Clark | Stinking Desert Ceramics on sun 8 oct 06

Hey all,
I'm glad you guys like/appreciate the photos I uploaded earlier in the week.

I've got more!
Make sure you load the bigest version of the picture that is looking in the
firebox of the naborigama. MAJOR carbon webbing. I guess most folks haven't
ever seen it.
Most of the big kilns are close to being done. The small train and the
double cantenary arch kiln were unloaded yesterday so there are some
finished pots out of the kiln. Both will be loaded and fired again (today
and tomorrow are the loadings).

Anyway, I'll post more latter on. Hope all is well in clayart land!
BJ Clark
Stinking Desert Ceramics