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surfing with helen bates - october 10, 2006, #2 - usa, switzerland,

updated wed 11 oct 06


Helen Bates on tue 10 oct 06

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Surfing with Helen Bates - October 10, 2006, #2 - USA, Switzerland,

More surfing sites:

The McCanless Family (Dover Pottery) (Seagrove, NC, USA)
(Al, Millie, Eck, and Will McCanless) (Crystalline and Majolica and also
lead-glazed pottery) (Al wrote an article for the "Longleaf Journal",
which goes into detail about the crystalline making process and its

Salon de la Ceramique (Saint-Cergue, Switzerland)
(Some pottery and ceramics at a museum in the Swiss Countryside)

Nora Eccles Harrison Museum of Art (Utah State U, Logan, UT, USA)

Maryann Webster (Salt Lake City, UT, USA)
(Auxiliary Faculty, University of Utah, Salt Lake City)

Starbrick Clay (and Starbrick Clay National) (Nelsonville, OH, USA)
(Starbrick Co-op Artists: Ann Judy, Danette Pratt, Kelly Maffit,
Marjorie Bledsoe, Rene Olson, Robin Todhunter, Sarah Reid, Sue Hazen,
Sue Roth) (Guest Artists: Gayla Park, Joe Cetone, Wes Thompson)

Utah State U Art Department (Logan, UT, USA)
(John Neely, J Daniel Murphy on faculty)
(Excellent website, rich in images and rich in talent, past and present.
Tony Clennell mentioned Jill Lawley, who did her MFA there.) (See my
links for her elsewhere.

Jill Lawley (Iowa City, IA, USA)
(School of Art and Art History, U of Iowa, visiting ceramics faculty)

Mary Barringer (Shelburne Falls, MA, USA)

Carole Pigott (Painter) (Santa Fe, NM, USA)
(Mississippi Artists & Craftsmen Hurricane Relief Assistance)

Craft Emergency Relief Fund (Montpellier, VT, USA)
(Reports on CERF's and other artists' post-Katrina relief efforts)
Cornelia Carey (Cerf Executive Director)
(Gulf Coast Trip Blog) (Click on the thumbnails one at a time)

Cub Creek Foundation John Jessiman and others) (Appomatox, VA, USA)
(Noborigama wood kiln non profit clay artists' foundation)

Cambodian Firewood Saving Project (Phnom Penh, Cambodia)
(Conserving Cambodia's wood energy resources with fuel efficient stoves
and improved charcoal production) (Pictures of small clay stoves,
traditional and improved.)

Budapest History Museum (Budapesti Torteneti Muzeum) (Budapest, Hungary) (Hungarian and English)
(Archaeological Exhibition) (Lots of prehistoric pots)

Akira Yoshida

Charles Peden (By the Bay Treasures) (Benicia, CA, USA)
(A "value-added" effect for your hammered shards?) (Neat site)

Judi Nyerges (Pottery teacher, Rockford High School, Rockford, MI, USA)
(AKA Judi Nyerges-Beaudoin) "Beach Raku" at Rockford High School:

Sarah Galbraith (Joined at the Hippo) (Tucson, AZ, USA)
(Recent college grad Sarah Galbraith was hired by porcelain collector
Richard Baron Cohen to photograph the hippopotami in 101 zoos around the
world for his Royal Copenhagen Hippopotamus dinner service commission.)
(Note that she did not miss out on the hippos at the Metro Toronto Zoo.)

Gayla Peavy's Hippo song:

Helen (who just this summer has revisited the Metro hippos, who are
amazing creatures visually, and no doubt any other way.)

Helen Bates
Belleville, Ontario, Canada
Clayarters' URLs: