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surfing with helen bates - october 10th., 2006 - canada, usa, japan,

updated wed 11 oct 06


Helen Bates on tue 10 oct 06



I'm just listing the sites this time, as I've got rather a large number

Peter Gregory (Boundless Gallery) (Carbondale, IL, USA)

Connor Burns (Natchez, MS, USA)

Mark Burleson (Asheville, NC, USA)
Director/Instructor, Odyssey Center for the Ceramic Arts, Asheville, NC
Assistant Adjunct Professor, University of North Carolina, Asheville, NC
Author: The Ceramic Glaze Handbook, Lark Books.

China Ceramics Enterprises Network

Cuerda Seca Tiles and Ceramics (Seville, Spain)

Martha Wooldridge (Beautiful Bowls) (Norman, OK, USA)

Sentarou Tonomura (Japan)

Tokyo National Museum Collection Online

Sunyong Chung (Ginko Studios' Pottery) (East Austin, TX, USA)

Jennifer Mecca (Jennifer Lawler-Mecca) (York, SC, USA)

Ellen Huie (Recently in RI, USA and VA, USA) (Chain Reaction) (Michael Kline benefit)

Richard Aerni (Bloomfield, NY, USA)
(Jump link at Clayart Websites)

Harbinger Gallery (The Art of Clay, 2005) (Waterloo, ON, Canada)
(Mimi Cabri, Bruce Cochrane, Jeannie Mah, Les Manning, Walter Ostrom,
Peter Powning, Ann Roberts, Jim Smith, Jack Sures)

M T Burton Gallery (Surf City, NJ, USA)

Ying-Yueh Chuang (Nova Scotia School of Art and Design) (NSCAD)
(University Alumni Showcases) (Halifax, CA, Canada)
(Ceramics based on sea urchin-like forms)

Helen Bates
Belleville, Ontario, Canada
Clayarters' URLs: