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copper grape glaze

updated sun 22 oct 06


Marianne Eshleman on sat 21 oct 06

I was wondering if anyone has the recipe for "Copper Grape" Glaze or have
you ever heard of it? What cone is it for? Thanks.


John Britt on sat 21 oct 06


Here is a recipe that is a copper red glaze with cobalt carbonate to make
it purple.

GRAPE Cone 10 Reduction

Custer Feldspar 49.75
Whiting 7.99
Silica 24.87
Gerstley Borate 4.97
Barium Carbonate 4.97
Zinc Oxide 2.44
Dolomite 4.97

Tin Oxide 1.00
Copper Carbonate 2.00
Cobalt Carbonate 0.30

I have a bunch more in my book in the Purple chapter.

Hope it helps,

John Britt