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surfing with helen bates - october 20, 2006 - usa, uk, australia

updated sun 22 oct 06


Helen Bates on sat 21 oct 06

Surfing with Helen Bates - October 20, 2006 - USA, UK, Australia

Hello, and Three Cheers for the techies at ACers! Here are some of my
recently collected surfing urls.

Aaron Lee Benson (Jackson, TN, USA)
(Professor: Sculpture and Ceramics, Union University, Jackson)

(Maker of large-scale architectural forms as well as figurative,
narrative monoliths)

Malcolm Flatman (Sutton Pottery Workshop)
(Norwich, East Anglia, England, UK)
(All sorts of utilitarian forms are made in this pottery. The Toast
Rack with its bottle-shaped design is amusing and practical, and I
rather like the vinegar bottle. I especially like the "Small Round Jug"
in the tableware section and the "Litre Jug" and the "1/3 Pint Round
Jug." Another one I quite like is the "Large Open Dish" in the
kitchenware section. The liquid "measures" are to the British Imperial
standard, which I leave to those interested in the topic to research.)

Jeff Mincham (Cherryville, SA, Australia)
("[L]arge scale vessels that are reminiscent of archaeological relics [
with] highly tactile surfaces [which] are the result of a unique
patination process that Jeff refers to as 'firing and weathering at the
same time.' [...] The works are often fired many times [...]")
(A search for "jeff mincham" [without the quotes] results in 17 zoomable
images of Mincham's older pots.)

Powerhouse Museum (Sidney, NSW, Australia)
(Museum Collection Database with powerful search capabilities)

The EnergyXchange (Burnsville, NC, USA)
(Artist incubator program for potters and glass blowers)
(Note that the fuel for the pottery kiln is methane gas.)
> The clay studio was funded by the NC Technological Development
> Authority. In this space artists work independently, utilizing
> landfill gas in the large outdoor pottery kiln.The outdoor
> pottery kiln has 50 cubic feet of space. It is a cone 10 methane
> kiln, and perhaps the only pottery kiln that runs off of landfill
> gas. We use forced-air burners which also have blowers that bring
> in more air into the kiln. Landfill gas produces 500 BTUs per
> cubic feet of gas/minute.

Fante's Kitchen Wares (Philadelphia, PA, USA)
(Of interest for its guide to ceramics for consumers)

Beverly Pierson (Solvang, CA, USA)
(Pierson has developed what she markets as "The Perfect Violet Pot."
Presumably slip cast, it comes in brush decorated or plain glazed
versions, and has a high fluted lip.)

(Who's happy to find Clayart back online!)
Helen Bates
Belleville, Ontario, Canada
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