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^6 engobe recipe help needed

updated mon 30 oct 06


Sam Tomich on sun 29 oct 06

John Conrad=B9s Black Engobe for ^6 from Lana Wilson=B9s Glaze Page

Flint 25
Kaolin 20
Kentucky Ball 20
Potash Feldspar 15
Borax or soda wash 5
Whiting 5
Neph Sy 10
Black Mason Stain 6600 10-12

For cone 6 add neph sy 5-20% to make it more vitreous

For mason stains pinks and purples I need calcium in the base. Is there
enough whiting in this or should I add more, and how would that effect the
rest of the base?

I want the engobe to be velvety or chalky looking but not brush off. How
much neph sy should I use to start with for testing? Would this be a good
case for a line blend? And then what would the line blend be exactly?

I want to use the base wet and mix in dry measures of mason stains, say for
instance, one cup of base and a quarter teaspoon of mason stain. What would
be a good starting point?

TIA, very much,

Sammy in Hawaii