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fleece for transporting slabs to bowl molds

updated fri 3 nov 06


Janet Price on sun 29 oct 06

I've been making some free-form slab planters with heavy texture and was
having trouble getting them to the mold without falling apart. I also
wanted to avoid adding other texture.

I found some very stretchy fleece fabric that works perfectly. I pull
the texturing stuff off one side of the slab, throw the fleece over it
and flip. Pull the texturing stuff off the other side and then lift it
by the corners of the fleece and lower it into the bowl.

Just wanted to pass this along in case it's of use to anyone else. The
cheap awful stuff seems to be the stretchiest.


Ann Baker on thu 2 nov 06

Thanks for sharing, GREAT idea, I've had the same problem. Will the
fleece stretch enough to prevent wrinkles in a deeper bowl?
Ann B