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creative industries bats

updated tue 7 nov 06


Lisa E on sun 5 nov 06


I have the plastic bats from Creative Industries also and almost every one
of them has a wobble, mostly on the outer edges. It is fine when making
small pieces but anythign wider than 4 inches gets frustrating. I have one
of those Artista wheels so I am wondering about alternative bats also. What
kind of a wheel are you using?


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> Subject: Bats
> I've been using plastic bats (Creative Industries type) and generally like
> them. Occasionally, I'll find one that seems to be slightly warped --
> especially the round ones. I've cleaned the pins on the wheel as well as
> the holes in the bat, but I still get a vertical wobble every time the
> wheel turns. This is a problem later when I trim the pot because it makes
> the bottom uneven.
> After trying to live with this it occurred to me there are several other
> kinds of bats out there, from masonite to plaster. Unfortunately, I have
> no idea what the advantages/disadvantages of each type are.
> Could someone describe the differences?
> Many thanks,
> Fred Parker
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Dolita Dohrman on mon 6 nov 06

I use Creative Industry Bats and I have used them with a heat
gun...obviously try to stay away from the bat. However, I noticed a little
'bump' around the edges every time I put a bat on the wheel and could not
figure out what was going on. It was usually on one side only. Finally
figured out that I did not have one side of the bat pushed all the way down.
I know this sounds stupid but it was a very subtle imbalance around the edge
only. I now take my rubber mallet and tap each spot where I know the pins
are going into the bats. Just a little thing, but thought I would pass it

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