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how to make hendley bats?

updated fri 10 nov 06


Paul Borian on thu 9 nov 06

While reading through the raging debate for/against bat pins I realized
my bats are shot and I need new ones. I made them about 10 years ago out
of masonite for a potter friend of mine before I was a potter and he
eventually gave them to me and I have been using them for about 5 years
and I have to do the 6 balls of clay just to hold them down even with
bat pins and pry them off plus they are totally warped. I was just used
to dealing with this but now maybe I should try what David Hendley is
doing - are there instructions anywhere on this forum on how to make

For plates and platters I use Hardy backer board - they also last
forever and they work extremely well because they draw a lot of water
out of the base of the platters so they dry evenly without having to
cover them in plastic or anything and almost never crack.

But for the smaller bats I need something better.



Taylor Hendrix on thu 9 nov 06

I will try and find my pictures on my old computer tonight. I made a
series of pics with directions a few years ago to illustrate my
version of the Hendley bats. Was on my old Baylor webpage which is
gone bye bye now. :(

For directions see David's recent post. He gives step by step.

Taylor in Rockport TX