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the bats of scat crick

updated fri 10 nov 06


clennell on thu 9 nov 06

I'm gonna weigh in to the bats discussion since my technique of sectional
throwing relies solely on them. When I do a workshop I ask for bats with
holes drilled for bat pins. What I have come to expect is a dog's breakfast
of types. This past weekend at Hood I'd have been up Scat Crick at my Boy
Scout camp without a paddle, if one of the participants hadn't saved my
Canadian bacon. She had bats with holes drilled all the way thru!
Those I think CI plastic jobs with 3 little pimples on the rim for this size
of wheel head and 2 little pimples for the other are a pain in the arse. How
are you supposed to pick up a 20 lb pot on a bat and feel around for pimples
with clay covered hands to try to locate pimples, count them and then fit
on a bat pin. Braile bats are crazy nonsense! Besides they flex with the
weight of a decent amount of clay.
Holes not drilled all the way thru the bat are a bigger pain in the keester.
Lifting the 20 lb pot above your head so you can locate the dang holes.
Either that or you balance it on the wheel head and feel underneath to try
and locate the flippin' hole. The bigger the bat the harder they are to
place the bloody holes on the pins. At least when they are drilled thru you
can kinda locate the pins. That is unless you have a pot on the bat that
covers the holes. Imagine the fun when you up the scale to my 65 lb
We use the plaster bats that fit into a tapered ring for bowls and plates
and I have used wooden bats with holes drilled all the way thru for my
bigware. I have wasted enough time I could have bought a jukebox like
David's with the saved time/money. This weekends project is screwin' and
Thanks David. It's thursday night and your dancing lesson. give your darlin'
a twirl for me will ya?