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surfing with helen bates - november 10, 2006 - canada, uk, usa

updated sat 11 nov 06


Helen Bates on fri 10 nov 06

Surfing with Helen Bates - November 10, 2006 - Canada, UK, USA

Potters Without Borders (Enderby, BC, Canada)
(Canadian based NGO affiliated with Potters For Peace.) (Activities
include researching Ceramic Water Filter technology as part of a
solution to waterborne disease, participating in an international
non-profit network providing socially responsible assistance to pottery
groups and individuals, providing support for field technicians
responding to direct requests to develop filter manufacturing facilities
overseas, and offering technical training and consulting services and
facilitating research, development, and commercial application of
technology in the field of ceramics in developing countries.)
(Videos of ceramic water filter production, in Ecuador and the Sudan.)
For a description and diagrams of these filters see also:

Kitty Shepherd (Arundel, West Sussex, England, UK)
(Makes slip decorated and tin glazed earthenware [Slipware])

Ben Woollcombe (South Canterbury, New Zealand)
(New Zealand watercolour artist who learned to build sapling-formed clay=20
wood fired bread ovens while hitch-hiking in California) (Home page)

Ursina Hack-Maclellan (Berneray, North Uist, Scotland, UK)
(Berneray Pottery) (Half-page listing with an image of a rather=20
different style of slipware from that made by many doing traditional=20
English-style slip-decorated pottery such as that of Kitty Shepherd) (Larger photo of U H-M)
(The Celtic name for the pottery is Criadhadaireachd bhearnaraidh=20
[Pottery of Berneray.]) ("Clay" is "Criadh", "Potter is "Criadhadair",=20
and I presume the last part of the word: "eachd", indicates a "machine."=20
See: "=ECnnleachd" (contrivance, device, invention:=20
(About the pronunciation: I can only tell you that the "dh" in "criadh"=20
and "criadhair" is pronounced like "th" in the English words "this" and=20
"other." The "chd" in "eachd" and "innleach" may be pronounced "chk"=20
like the word "loch" followed by a hard "k" sound, ie: a throaty=20
expulsion of air preceding the "k.")

Michael Greenfield (GreenfieldPottery) (Marcellus, NY, USA)
(Mid-range functional and decorative stoneware - very nice casseroles!)
(Michael is a Clayarter, having posted to Clayart in the past...)

(Enjoying the sunny skies here after a cloudy, rainy week.)

Helen Bates
Belleville, Ontario, Canada
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