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a better bat pin picture

updated tue 14 nov 06


Kathy Forer on mon 13 nov 06

> Somewhere someplace I've seen a video of a darkened and locked
> ceramics classroom. In it were eight gleaming wheelheads with sixteen
> bat caryatids standing upside down -- just as they were in your photo
> before you "fixed" it -- holding up the heavens like Heracles for the
> Hesperides. Caught off-guard in the middle of the night, they're just
> unwinding their folded wings, putting cream on their elbows. The
> noise was deafening!

The video softened as daylight took the contrast out of the room and
I could see that the bat pins were held in by the bats' own wings on
the underside, looking just as wingnuts. The little things were
resting their fuzzy legs from their task of pinning various branded
and homemade flats.

In amid the chattering bat pins are fourteen or so large gothic bat
head-faceted cleated bats, great hulkering creatures lumbering around
with purposeful aplomb. Four-headed flat-top bases, ears screwed
through from the top, maybe they're elk, one on each corner of a

There's something about a solid wooden base with extra weight on the
bottom that's good for handbuilding. The cleats support the bat as it
were a plinth, raising the flat from the ground, corralling and
solidifying the center of gravity.

Kathy Forer