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job opening in jingdezhen, p.r. china. oral english at gao zhuan school

updated tue 14 nov 06


Ric Swenson on mon 13 nov 06


I understand there is a job opening for a native English speaker with a
college degree ( not neccessarily in English or Ceramics or even in Chinese
for that matter. A liberal arts 4 year bachelors' degree of some ilk.)
American, Aussie, or UK?

The job is teaching conversational (Oral) English at Gao Zhuan (A Ceramics
School in Jingdezhen, serving College age students, near downtown.) You can
contact Noel P. O'Connell at:

for details on salary, housing, terms, etc.

I teach a Contemporary Ceramics course there on weekends and, although now
quite small, the program and school is growing. Great opportunity to visit
China, see LOTS of porcelain being produced and most importantly, help give
Chinese college students the opportunity to learn conversational English.



"...then fiery expedition be my wing, ..."

Wm. Shakespeare, RICHARD III, Act IV Scene III

Richard H. ("Ric") Swenson, Teacher,
Office of International Cooperation and Exchange of Jingdezhen Ceramic
Institute, TaoYang Road, Eastern Suburb, Jingdezhen City
JiangXi Province, P.R. of China.
Postal code 333001.
Mobile/cellular phone :13767818872

+86-0798-8499600 (ofc.)
+86-0798-8499012 (fax)


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