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pt pottery teacher pay

updated mon 20 nov 06


Maid O'Mud on wed 15 nov 06

Hi all

If you wish to respond in private, all messages
will be kept confidential.

I'm a part-time teacher with the London Potters
Guild and have had 2 raises in the last 12 years.
Any time I mention a raise is due, I'm asked=20
to prove I'm underpaid.

So, I need your help (again). Where do you=20
teach (city and province/state) and what are=20
you paid. For the record, I'm paid $20/hr
plus 1 hour prep time per class. Is this in the
ballpark? Or am I due a raise? =20

TIA for all your help.

Sam Cuttell
Maid O'Mud Pottery
RR 1
Melbourne, Ontario
N0L 1T0 =20
"First, the clay told me what to do.
Then, I told the clay what to do.
Now, we co-operate."
sam 1994

William & Susan Schran User on thu 16 nov 06

On 11/15/06 10:14 PM, "Maid O'Mud" wrote:

> So, I need your help (again). Where do you
> teach (city and province/state) and what are
> you paid. For the record, I'm paid $20/hr
> plus 1 hour prep time per class. Is this in the
> ballpark? Or am I due a raise?

I teach full-time and am Fine Art program head at Northern Virginia
Community College in Alexandria, Virginia, US.

I hire all the part-time studio & art history instructors.

Starting salary for a studio art instructor works out to about $27 per hour.
We also have a 8% pay differential from the rest of the state due to higher
cost of living in this area.

This position requires an earned Master's degree.

Hope this helps, Bill

William "Bill" Schran

Pat Colyar on thu 16 nov 06

I teach at the Kirkland Arts Center, in Kirkland, WA (near Seattle),
usually throwing or surface design, 3-hour classes, once a week, 10 week
quarters. (This is separate from the Ceramics Tech job.) The ten
ceramics instructors do not have to load any kilns, mix any glazes, etc.
I get $24 per hour, not paid for prep time. This is contract work,
reported on a 1099 form, so I have to pay the 15% Self-Employment tax on
it, after deductions.

Pat Colyar, in soggy Gold Bar, WA

sacredclay on fri 17 nov 06

-At three different times at two different places,, I was paid $25
per class hour and $10 per lab hour which averaged 3 hours a week.
This was when I was an artist in residence at a community center.
This included studio privledges,free recyled clay, and use of glazes.
Now they rearranged everything that I am now an outside contractor
with $20 per class hour. Nothing else.I had to arrange a barter to
get some privledges (cleaning the studio,etc.). At the other place, I
get paid $55 per class session, which is once a week for 2.5 hours.
But, I get free use of the studio, use of glazes if I monitor it
about two Saturdays a month. He offered free clay, but I make alot of
works, so I turned that down because I didn't want to blow it.This
one has raku, unlike the other. So what I always factor in is what
are the fringe benefits compare to other costs, such as having my own
studio. But I know that the cost of living is higher in Canada And the
way they answered is kind of callous. If you get studio privledges
also, you sound like you have a pretty good deal to me. I'd suggest
that you search around at YOUR area and find out how much others are
getting. Ask again and if they give you that answer again, tell them
that you're not looking to prove that you are underpaid. That's not
even THE issue.The issue is that you have been working there a long
time and you are DUE a raise. Then list all of your good qualitites.
The students/customers like you. You are good at what you do.You are
organized and personable and strives for the best.You are reliable,
etc etc.In short, you are a god! It's pretty much like any other
places where you'd ask for a raise.If you feel you are not being
appreciated, then consider where you'd do better elsewhere. Some
places don't appreciate what you do and potters are in a way, a dime
a dozen to them.Kick ass and good luck! Kathryn in NC listening to
John Fogerty's music. He rocks!

Snail Scott on fri 17 nov 06

At 10:14 PM 11/15/2006 -0500, you wrote:
>...For the record, I'm paid $20/hr
>plus 1 hour prep time per class. Is this in the
>ballpark? Or am I due a raise?

Lately (in Missouri & southern Illinois)
I get $25 per class session, with no
extra for prep. No studio priveleges.
Some places pay less.


Megan Mason on fri 17 nov 06

$50 per class whether 1/2 hour or up to 2 use and firing
privileges here , no pay for prep nor electric kiln firing [but it is done while
I work in the studio or by others].Glazing and modest clay use as long as
we mix clay recycled is included.

Peter Coates on sat 18 nov 06

Here in the cultural waist land of Oklahoma..
Oklahoma City
we pay all teachers, paint, sculptor, pottery, weaving etc.... 30 an
in the pottery this means they are paid for teaching time....... someone
else mixes glazes, loads and fires kilns... etc.....
I'm a little surprised of pay in other areas... we tend to charge
less for
classes then what i see advertised in different states...
Oklahoma City

>> So, I need your help (again). Where do you
>> teach (city and province/state) and what are
>> you paid. For the record, I'm paid $20/hr
>> plus 1 hour prep time per class. Is this in the
>> ballpark? Or am I due a raise?

Sarah Ferrency on sun 19 nov 06

The inflation rate in Canada has averaged about 1.5% since 1992, according
to this website:

That means that if you were paid $20 in 1004, you would need to earn about
$23.55 to have the same purchasing power now as you did then. If you have
not gotten a raise to that level, then you have actually gotten a reduction
in your real pay. I don't know what your raises have been over time, but
start with your introductory pay and multiply it by 1.015 as many times as
years have past. The magic of compounding inflation!

Just one idea to add to the mix- I also agree with telling them all the
reasons you deserve more.

Here in Sitka, where the cost of living is quite high, adjunct professors at
the community college get paid $931-$1087 per credit hour, which is
basically one hour per week for 14 weeks, with the usual class being 3
credit hours or 3 hours per week for 14 weeks... that's $64-77 per teaching
hour. That doesn't include all the studio responsibilites that would come
along with it, which I'd say would triple the work, if not more. But they
also don't hire someone part time to do that job; instead the creamics
instructor is also the only full time art instructor and the department head
as well, and he gets NO HELP in the form of assistants or anything.