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grad school and art therapy

updated fri 24 nov 06


Deborah Thuman on thu 23 nov 06

I don't make a living as an artist, so I'm free to make the art I want.
I'm also free to enjoy making art, and it's a nice counterpoint to how
I make a living. I'm a criminal defense attorney; my job has all of the
stress I could ever possibly need or want. I learned the hard way that
adrenaline only feels nice the first few times - then it starts to do
some really nasty damage. It will take me years to undo what has
happened to me physically.

I like the idea of art therapy. It sounds like it could take the best
of both worlds, psychology and art, and make an interesting way to earn
a living. BTW, along with earning a living, regular jobs - if you get a
good one - come with things like health insurance and retirement. The
older one gets, the more important those things are.

Some of my art is highly emotional, in your face, and absolutely NOT
sofa art. No one in their right mind would put my emotional art on the
living room wall. But..... I've found the emotional art makes those
nasty feelings get smaller and start to go away. I've also gotten
insight from watching what I'm making - and sometimes I get really
surprised. The piece In God's Image went through more design
alterations than any piece I've ever done. Now that it's done, I find
meanings I didn't know I was putting into the piece.

Long winded way of saying art therapy works.