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need low-fire glossy white glaze, (^06/04) w/out tin

updated sun 26 nov 06


L. P. Skeen on wed 22 nov 06

Greetings low fire fans. I just pulled some pieces outta the kiln, red
earthenware with white glaze inside, and I had painted some things over
the glaze, but b/c I used a brush-on commercial glaze, I had uneven
coverage and didn't get the look I wanted. I need to make my own, such
that I can dip the pieces for even coating. I need a recipe without
tin, because I might use some chrome-bearing underglazes for painting
on, and I don't wanna end up w/ pink instead of white. =-O

If you have such a glaze, please share. Thanks in advance.


Don Goodrich on thu 23 nov 06

Hey L,
Here's one I collected but haven't tried. It was posted
here by Khaimraj Seepersad some years ago and is listed as

Cone 08 Leadless Earthenware Glaze
For - 983=B0C 08 small cone
2.6 Na20
4.1 K20
2.6 Mg0
3.6 Ca0
6.7 Sr0 [ was Ba0 ]
14.9 B203
12.4 Al203
53.1 Si02 use Zircopax to opacify .
from Khaimraj Seepersad

Don Goodrich

John Britt on thu 23 nov 06


Here is one :

Meredith's White cone 04

25 Gerstley Borate
4 Lithium Carbonate
28 Frit 3124
19 Nepheline Syenite
6 Calcined EPK
9 Silica

5 Titanium Dioxide
5 Zircopax

There are quite a few but let me know if this doesn't do it,

John Britt

Edouard Bastarache Inc. on thu 23 nov 06


check here :


Edouard Bastarache
Le Franšais Volant
The Flying Frenchman


Russel Fouts on sat 25 nov 06

The maiolica glaze I use came out of Matthias Ostermann's book "the New
Miaolica". It's really good and uses Zirconium Oxide.

I don't have the receipe with me but can send it tomorrow. Basically,
it's Frit 3124, 3195, some silica, some ball clay, some kaolin and some
Zirconium Oxide. The receipe calls for a very small ammount of whiting
but I've left it out and it doesn't seem to make any difference.

BTW I'll send you the pictures of your mugs this weekend.