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ceramic study in spain, etc

updated mon 27 nov 06


Beth Spindler on sat 25 nov 06

For anyone interested in studying industrial ceramics/technology in Spain...the University of Jaime in Castellon, Spain may be a place to consider. Great campus, so convenient to many things....two hours plus (by RENFE train) from Barcelona, maybe an hour plus from Valencia (by regional train, a nice ride!) and the mtns are just 20 minutes away........oh yeah...the beautiful Mediterrean Sea is about 10 minutes away from campus.

With somewhat broken Spanish, Seth Cardew in his very British accent and I with my slightly Southern (VA) accent managed to communicate with the university assistant (who spoke some English) and found that a supplier of all kinds of ceramic materials was in downtown Castellon. A quick trip there and shelves were ordered. No wood firing this time for me, but great trip and I gleaned even more pottery techniques, etc from Seth. Check his for 2007 workshops.

And a sincere thank you to all of you who sent info about potters in Spain and possible suppliers of materials.

Also, check out Simon Leach's website. I met him during my trip to Spain and he's such a nice guy. He just completed a new addition to his studio just outside the town of Vall D'Alba, Spain.

Took tons of photos, again......and will try to put them up on a website that I am working on.

It's good to be home.

Beth in the foothills of blue ridge mtns in VA

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