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"empty bowls" surfing: some canadian events and info,

updated wed 29 nov 06


Helen Bates on tue 28 nov 06

etc. (Was: Empty Bowl - Help)

Hi Catherine,

You can search the internet for "Empty Bowls" and find lots of articles
and pottery organisations that do Empty Bowls each year. I show some
results further down the page.

However, you may be interested in Revenue Canada's "Regulations for
what's Tax Deductible and Other Legal Matters":

For the question of event liability insurance, here's something I think
is well worth reading, by Rebecca Gardyn writing for Philanthropy Com:

Ontario Nature has a more succinct page on the same liability issues:

For a Glossary of Insurance Terms for Non-Profit Risk, visit the
Nonprofit Risk Management Center:

To find a broker who can find your group a satisfactory insurer,
possibly this information from Volunteer Canada will be helpful:

Empty Bowls Links:

The Founders:
Empty Bowls co-founders Lisa Blackburn and John Hartom (Now in
Burnsville, NC)
The Empty Bowls Project... John Hartom article for the "Kids Can Make A
Difference: Kids Newsletter"

Canadian Empty Bowls projects:
Perth, Ontario Empty Bowls (Jackie Seaton)
Waterloo Potters Workshop Empty Bowls - Waterloo, Ontario
Potters' Guild of Hamilton & Region Empty Bowls
Winnipeg Harvest Empty Bowls (Winnipeg, Manitoba)
Gardiner Museum of Ceramic Art Empty Bowls (Toronto, Ontario)
Empty Bowls, Caring Hearts (Thunder Bay, Ontario)
Child and Youth Friendly Calgary Empty Bowls (Calgary, Alberta)
Burnaby Empty Bowls (Burnaby, British Columbia)

A few of the many American Empty Bowls events:
Empty Bowls of Portage County, Wisconsin
Northwest Arkansas Empty Bowls (Fayetteville, Arkansas)
Empty Bowls for "Project S.H.A.R.E." (Carlisle, Pennsylvania) (Dickinson College)

Finally, a gourmet soup recipe book:
"Great Soup Empty Bowls: Recipes from the Empty Bowls Fundraiser":
(Ontario Chef Jamie Kennedy (editor), Christopher Freeland
(photographer), and a dozen and a half famous Toronto chefs share their
recipes for soup.)

Best wishes for a successful event,

Helen B.

Helen Bates
Belleville, Ontario, Canada
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