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salt pigs/clayart

updated thu 30 nov 06


joyce lee on tue 28 nov 06

Thanks to Janine for her url for salt pigs.
Coincidentally, while I was spending my usual two
hours plus daily (5 days a week) with my physical therapist, I perused =
my Napa Way catalog which
inspires many of my dreams for pots-to-come, as
derived from pots-from-the-past. I do like their
stuff! I once ordered a $600 patio rocker from them
which was made of old barrel staves, but came to
my senses when the delivery man wouldn't leave
the chair without an ADDITIONAL $200 for=20
"delivery" beyond the curb!! On our desert road, we
have no curbs.... the sand just keeps rolling along
from the road to the driveway to the patio.... no
curbs. The Man didn't accept my argument... so
I sent the chair back.=20

Cut off my own nose, of
course, which is not an uncommon occurence. I=20
wanted the dratted chair AND I'd already
spent a bundle on the shipping which could not be
refunded. I wrote and called everybody listed in
the catalog, but to no avail .... worse than AOL!

Drat. I'd still like to have that chair. Someday I'll
learn that somebody as contrary as my Mama Luce
always told me I was, is NOT going to win against
the Big Boys. Hmmm if I'd just thought of that at the
time, I'd probably have the chair within sight as I
type. I'm at my best Confrontational Force when I
stop all action to consider just how Mama Luce would
have handled the situation. Of course, she started
out with high, high heels ...and a pompadour atop her
rather royal head.... added to the ladylike appearance
of all other body parts in between. Too late. I'll
never get it right..................

Anyway, there was a salt pig for sale. "They"
say that the concept of a salt "pig" came from the
early something hundreds .... 1700s, 1800s? when
the containers for coarse salt were called "pygg"=20
in honor of the clay from which they were created.....
a clay called "pygg." Cool. The wide access on the
side of the salt pigs was to allow the cook's hand
to reach inside the pig.

in the Mojave disbelieving that she was able to get
through some 200 plus posts and send them out to
hungry claybuds. Of course, the downside is that
at least half those posts were some form of spam.
As each post continued to come through without
being "hung up" or "frozen," I became more and more
ecstatic....... as you would have, too, in my place.