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salt pigs, mention of clumping

updated fri 1 dec 06


Jenny Lewis on thu 30 nov 06

Hi all

Reading someone's message about salt clumping reminded me... I used to have a "traditional" style salt pig, one of the chubby rounded top and opening at the side which I suppose looks a bit like a pig's snout. Anyway - it was unglazed, reddish earthenware colour, and the salt didn't clump. I was told that a very-slightly-porous object will absorb the moisture and therefore keep the salt dry. Sounds like a good theory, and I know it worked. Admittedly I didn't live in a very humid climate, although London can get a bit soggy and drippy in the summer, all several weeks of it. However, the kitchen could get damp and steamed up from cooking.

It broke some time ago, and I haven't replaced it yet, as the Great Plan had been to make my own. It's still a great plan, but hasn't yet become a great pig. Oh well, I'm patient.

Jenny Lewis
Eastleigh, UK

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