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outdoor fair canopy

updated wed 6 dec 06


Dale Neese on tue 5 dec 06

I've had my 10 x10ft. "Finale" tent for
many years and it has never failed me in all the shows I have attended. The
tents are expensive and well built but they are an investment in your sales
success. Keeping you, your work and your customers dry in rainy weather and
shaded from the hot sun. Protect and maintain your investment and it will
last a very long time. Wind is the biggest threat to a tent. I always secure
the tent with weights I made from PVC pipe, concrete or sand fillers. They
hang from each corner of the tent. On the Texas Coast I also use tie downs
at the legs when I really need it to stay put. Believe me, I have seen
unsecured EZ-Ups take off in the wind over the big main tent and crash into
a mangled mess. In heavy rain you can't empty the water off the roof of an
EZ fast enough before it falls like a water balloon on your display. The
barrel shaped roof of the Finale or Light Dome tents let the rain run off.
The sides zip together and are easy to roll up and let down. Usually after I
have unloaded the truck from a fair I set my tent up in the back yard if the
weather is right and wash it with soapy water and a long handled brush.
Spray rinse with a hose. Especially after the tent has been on the gulf
coast with all the sea salt atmosphere. Let it dry thoroughly before folding
it away into the canvas bag.. clean and ready for the next fair.

Dale Tex
"across the alley from the Alamo"
San Antonio, Texas USA