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u.p. woodfired pottery show and more greenfield village

updated wed 6 dec 06


Gary Navarre on tue 5 dec 06

Hay Crew,

So I'm in the break room havin a smoke and a coffee leafing through The
Iron Mountain Daily News and out of the corner of my ear I hear some
young gal say if so and so said such and such she was gonna shove her in
the bakery oven. Then much to my delight I see an article about a guy
named Kenyon Hanson having an exhibit of wood fired pots at The North
Dickinson County Library in Felch. What a find and I got another 4 days
in a row off. Felch ain't to far, maybe 25 miles. I drove over near there
to Metropolitan every Thursday night for about a year when I first moved
up here. Good old hard corps with lots of wisdom! Guess this guy has some
good training too with going to Stoke On Trent while a student at
Finlandia University and an apprenticeship with Simon Levin for a while.
His studio is in Marquette and I have thought of a short trip up to visit
Dianne. She hasn't called in over a year. I been wearing her brown
Canadian hat with the fuzzy ear flaps the kids gave me to keep warm in
the woods. What a sweetheart!

I don't know why it is I hear so many saying their day sucks and so does
the job they have to do. It sounds like the same thing I heard
Ferlingetti say in one of those "beatnik" interviews about people working
for a living but not really interested in what they were doing. That old
quiet discontent, approaching the nadir of despair. If that is the case
what must it be like to have a job demonstrating a job when it could just
as well be the worlds most fascinating hobby? Here are a couple more
looks into what that is like with part 4 of the trip to Greenfield
Village where we find Bryan and learn some history. My arm was getting a
bit heavy and lost some camera angle but hay....(about 6 min.)

This 2 min. bit is about something I think I read about on ClayArt a
while ago about tobacco juice in a stain. Kinda of a neat idea, wonder if
one could add some kaolin to the stain and make it more refractory
without messing up the spreading pattern and fire hotter?

That must be a lot of work doing a job that is a job. Wonder what goes on
in their break room, eh?

Olof's adventure got interesting again the other night when he brought
home the leg bone of a deer. I have no idea where all the meat went or
where it came from but I'm sure Olof didn't bring it down. I have my
suspicions it could be a neighbor on the main road or the remains of a
wounded deer the Wolves and Coyotes were fighting over a few nights ago.
I was getting Olof in for the night and just as he was hooked up on the
leash we heard what sounded like something getting killed by dogs. Olof
screamed in pain for whatever it was and cowered down and wouldn't move.
Almost as if it brought back childhood memories. Got him in but he kept
growling and barking for over an hour. Those bones could be scattered by
now and this is what Olof found...

Gee, I was expecting to be done with brushing by now and have the last of
the wreaths shipped but the greenhouse called and needs another 5 bundles
each of Balsam and Spruce. Seems we have had more funerals than usual.
Got most of it bundled overnight with a bright clear full Moon. I had no
idea it was 7 above. Just beautiful! Stay in there!

G in Da UP
Navarre Pottery
Navarre Enterprises
Norway, Michigan, USA